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Car auction Germany: buy the best German cars in our European vehicle sale

Only high quality German cars in our auto auction in Germany

Are you a car trader and looking for quality German cars? Great! Because our auto auction in Germany can boost your car business.

Car auction Germany  : who are we?

CarsOnTheWeb is a car auction in Germany and the rest of Europe that sells high quality second hand vehicles exclusively to registered auto traders. We have offices in Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.

Auto auction Germany : about the cars

Our European car auction site provides you, as a professional auto trader, with a top-quality selection of used cars of all auto makes: demonstrators, lease cars, overstocked cars, damaged or salvage vehicles, vans and light trucks.

In our German auto auctions, we have selected a broad range of nice German cars and vans at attractive trader prices especially for you. This is made possible through our partnerships with the main leasing companies, car rental companies and car manufacturers in Germany and all over Europe.

Car auction Germany : multiple advantages

• Our auction system enables you to achieve a decent, attractive margin and grow their car business.
• We offer an extensive range of second hand cars from Germany, Holland, Belgium, France,Spain and
• We guarantee you an easy and reliable car buying process
• We help you with export administration, documents, invoices, transport, delivery and VAT issues. Our
  Customer Service department can assist you in your own language during the auto buying process!
CarsOnTheWeb's online car auction is accessible 24/7
• Each car is presented with clear pictures, detailed descriptions and damage reports
• Follow up on all your bids, purchases and documents via your own personal easy-to-use user account

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