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Blind auctions

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We have four different types of car auctions on our website: Blind auctions, Buy Now auctionsDynamic auctions and Target auctions.

A Blind auction offers you one very particular advantage: no one apart from you can see the bid you’ve placed on a vehicle. Therefore, other bidders can’t knowingly out-bid you or try to drive the price up. Great news! But that also means that you can’t see their bids either. In other words you won’t find out until the auction finishes whether you have the highest bid. Than it will take about two working days, before you’ll know whether the seller has accepted your offer or not.

You can recognise a Blind auction by the following icon: Blind auction, Blind car auction

Want to place a bid? First you'll need to log in or register. We also advise you to read the 'Extra information' on the detail page of your vehicle before you place a bid. It contains very important information regarding the vehicle and its documents.

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