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Sell your vehicles on CarsOnTheWeb.de

Contact the responsible person at CarsOnTheWeb and define your ideal auction process with him. Then we auction the vehicles on our online platform where every car is presented with its own description, damage report and pictures. Now 40.000 registered buyers can place bids on your vehicles. At the end of each auction you will receive the highest bid per vehicle. You decide if you accept or decline. If you accept, you make out an invoice to us, and we pay you within 3 working-days. And we'll do the rest: take care of all VAT- and export regulations and coordinate the transportation of all sold vehicles for you.

Your advantage:

  • best prices due to pan-European network in over 50 countries
  • selling and invoicing directly to CarsOnTheWeb
  • guaranteed payment within 3 working-days
  • coordination of logistics and administration

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It’s time to sell!

Do you have questions? Or are you ready to start selling? Our team will be happy to help you in any way possible.

Florian Kracheel

Florian Kracheel
Sales Manager
Mob +49 (0)172 8993322