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New website

What's new, what's better?

More and better search options than ever!

For this website, we wanted to make life easier for you! Less effort, more comfort. The first step in achieving that goal was expanding our search options. And, boy did we ever!

Brand new is our quick search. You can find it right on the homepage. Just take your pick from the search filters. Click, click, result! It's that fast and simple.

You already know our advanced search. But this function also got an upgrade. You can now search on seller, auction type, 100% assignment and much more! And of course you can still save your searches for later and subscribe to daily email alerts.

And get this, you can now search in specific auction, right from the auction page. So what are you waiting for? Start searching now!

MyCOTW, your best tool

Your renewed MyCOTW is easier to use then ever. It gets straight to the point. Which vehicle needs paying? Which needs picking up? Do you need to upload a CMR?  Just check your to do list. Every action required from you is mentioned right there.

Maybe you like to bid on multiple cars at once. Then our brand new bidding dashboard is something for you. Via the dashboard you get an overview of all the vehicles you have placed a bid on. And you can quickly bid on several vehicles at once from there. Extra bonus: You’ll get the best performance at the end of the auction, as the current price will automatically refresh in front of your eyes. No extra clicks needed.

Car detail, more detailed!

We’ve reorganised the information on the detail page of each vehicle. You’ll now find all ‘Very important country information’ and all ‘Extra guidelines seller’ in one place. From now on the ‘Extra information’ button is your go-to place for all important country and seller information.

And perhaps the best news of all, for many cars you will now be able to see the estimated price right on the page. Although it's not an absolute guarantee for assignment, it is a great way to help you on your way to a winning bid! Good luck!

See something you like? Watch or favourite.

You've found a vehicle or auction you like, and want to keep an eye on it? Click the watch cars to watch it. You’ll even get a special reminder 5 minutes before the auction finishes.

And if you often buy the same type of vehicles or buy from the same type of auction, you should favourite it. Clicking the favourite cars will instantly save this vehicle or auction as a search, which you can use again later! Easy.

No app, just web!

Not at your computer? But you still need to place a bid? Don't worry! From now on you can use our website without a hitch on all devices: mobile, tablet, laptop, you name it.

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