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Browser notifications

With an overload of e-mails already piling up in your inbox, we needed a way to inform you quicker and more effectively on what is happening in our auctions. For some auction events, you want to be able to act immediately, such as when you are overbid or when an x-Time is starting. We have therefore introduced browser notifications.

1. What are browser notifications?
2. For which events can I get browser notifications?
3. How do I activate browser notifications?
4. How can I adjust my browser notification settings?

1. What are browser notifications?

NotificationBrowser notifications are messages in your browser that appear in the bottom right corner of your screen. These messages will also appear outside of the CarsOnTheWeb environment, when you are not logged in or when you are surfing on other websites.

Each message shows three things:
   • A description of the event that has occurred
   • The picture and name of the vehicle, or the x-Time logo
   • A link which will send you to the relevant web page, so you can act immediately

2. For which events can I get browser notifications?

We currently have 3 events for which you can activate browser notifications:
   • When you have been overbid on a car you are bidding on;
   • When the x-Time phase is starting for a car you are bidding on or following;
   • When a car you are bidding on or following has reached the Estimated Price.

3. How do I activate browser notifications?
3.1 Choose the right browser

The browser notifications work for:
   • Google Chrome
   • Mozilla Firefox

The browsers above will offer you the best experience when surfing the CarsOnTheWeb pages.

The browser notifications do not work for:
   • Microsoft Edge    
   • Microsoft Explorer    
   • MacOS Safari 

We advise you to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to enjoy the optimal surfing performance at CarsOnTheWeb.

3.2 Accept notifications
When logging in to our website, your browser will ask you if you want to allow push notifications.

Press “Allow” to activate the notifications.

Browser notifications

3.3 Activate the notifications on any moment 
   • Google Chrome  
   • Mozilla Firefox

3.4 You're now set to receive notifications! 

4. How can I adjust my browser notification settings?

You can choose for which scenarios you want to receive notifications or not. This allows you to focus only on what you think is important.

Step 1: go to MyCOTW
Step 2: select “Account settings”
Step 3: Go to “Adjust my notification settings”
Step 4: Activate or deactivate the desired notifications.

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