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Looking ahead

We’re counting down to June 25th 2019

We’re counting down to June 25th 2019

Looking ahead

Over the last few years, we have set and achieved a lot of important goals. Please allow me to tell you what we have achieved so far and what’s waiting for us in the future.

Fast and easy

We wanted a faster website. Not just fast in terms of loading times but also in ease of use. Our new homepage shows you cars that fit your profile and history without you having to do anything.

Customer service

We optimized our processes to give a hassle-free experience. Monitoring feedback and following up on below-average reviews helped us improve our customer service. It is now at a level where 89% of our clients are satisfied.

Our claims process has been optimized to get to a solution quicker and more efficiently.

New services

We continuously added new services and improved existing ones. We helped you with reliable transport options, notifications and other enhancements to the process of buying and selling cars.

Such as:

  • Optimo – The optimal payment, inspection & delivery service
  • Ultimo – 5 additional minutes to increase your bid after you win an auction.
  • Bid withdrawal – Withdraw your bid while you’re bidding.
  • Price barometer – A helpful indication of a car’s value.
  • Seller score – See how our sellers perform by 4 important indicators.
  • Consumer market price – The average price a vehicle is sold for in your local market.
  • Recommendations to help you to find more cars that fit your profile.
  • Mobile app – Find cars even when you are on the move.
  • And many more...
But it is no time to take a break. Every day we strive to make our services even more easy, fast and hassle-free to help you buy and sell more and better cars.

And now, we are getting ready for improvements and optimizations way beyond the scope of what we’ve ever done before. And again, you will benefit from those.

We’re counting down to June 25th 2019.
We’re counting down to the future of online car sales.

Keep an eye on your mail, our website and our social pages. Be one of the first to know what that future holds for you. 

See you on the 25th and beyond!