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BMW Roma - Italy - Consession holder BMW

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BMW Rome has found its ideal partner in CarsOnTheWeb
For over a year, BMW Rome has been selling its used cars through the CarsOnTheWeb online auction system. It is Alessandro Allegrucci, Remarketing Specialist of BMW Rome, who tells us the story of this collaboration.

Connoisseurs of BMW vehicles
Alessandro's luck was to find two BMW experts in Fabio, the Italian Country Manager of CarsOnTheWeb, and Daniele, his personal Account Manager. "They are both very reliable and excellent connoisseurs. A beautiful collaboration was born. "

Service efficiency
"They think of everything, from the first appraisals to the withdrawal of the cars. The staff is always attentive to every detail and is able to handle any administrative practice. In addition, no company had ever sent me a complete sales report with excellent graphics."

Auction speed
For CarsOnTheWeb customers, the most distinctive element of the service is the speed of the sales cycle. Also for Alessandro: "It's a big plus, because every negotiation ends in less than a week, without delay or change of mind. The auctions do not exceed 2 days and payment always takes place within 2 days after the auction has ended. "

Flexibility of negotiations
The direct assistance of the CarsOnTheWeb Account Managers allows the digital service to be integrated with the daily needs of the vendors. For Alessandro, the human factor is the added value that makes COTW more flexible than other e-commerce products: "If the offers of an auction do not satisfy me, they make sure to balance the accounts with the subsequent auctions."

The review
"CarsOnTheWeb is an innovative auction house with many distinctive elements. At BMW we will continue to use it at least once a month. "