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Transport services

Exporting vehicles from CarsOnTheWeb France

5 new benefits from buying at CarsOnTheWeb France

Transport routes

Hassle-free transport
-  All French vehicles go to one familiar location: our HUB in Genk (Belgium)
-  No hassle with different parking lots
-  Combine French and Belgian vehicles on one bulk transport
-  Access to very attractive transport rates
-  Transport options:

  • Pick-up in Genk (Belgium) by you or your transporting company
  • Delivery to your parking lot or offices by CarsOnTheWeb.

Faster cycle time
-  Quicker release of the car
-  Cycle time shortened by 2 – 3 days

Extra check
-  First check of the vehicle by CarsOnTheWeb upon pick-up at the seller’s location
-  Extra confirmation that the car matches its description
-  No third party when dealing with claims
-  For customers located in Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and Spain: If you order our Service Pack, you benefit from having two extra checks by CarsOnTheWeb: one on pick-up at the seller’s location and one after delivery in the local HUB. See the conditions here.

Higher assignment rate
-  Selection of best quality vehicles
-  Wider range of seller
-  Higher chances of winning the vehicle
-  Weekly Buy Now auction: an offer of vehicles at fixed prices, exclusively available at CarsOnTheWeb.

You sell more vehicles
-  More buying power
-  Higher turnover
-  Boost your sales


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