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Kamitei At CarsOnTheWeb, we care as much about society as we do about our customers and business partners! Therefore we decided to support the Kamitei Foundation. Kamitei is a non-religious charity foundation that aims to make an effective contribution to the education of children in rural Tanzania through small scale investments in facilities and teaching aids and through the granting of individual scholarships. 

About Kamitei

Kamitei currently support 8 primary schools and 2 secondary schools in 4 rural communities in Northern Tanzania, reaching 3,500 children.

Their focus on education is based on the following beliefs:
• In the longer term, education has a strong positive impact on the standard of living of individuals and their communities
• Education has important indirect benefits in areas such as health, birth control and empowerment of communities
• The benefits of education tend to be structural and long lasting: it creates a virtuous circle

Kamitei's field activities are based on multiple years of on-the-ground experience in rural Tanzania as to how education can be structurally improved in the most effective and efficient manner, whilst keeping overhead costs to a minimum. They use multiple approaches to reach their aim; they build school facilities, they supply desks, books and teaching aids, they provide housing, training and incentives to the teachers, etc.


They take a no-nonsense, fairly business-minded approach to charity: the communities and individuals they support are considered ‘business’ partners and co-investors and they treat them as such. Kamitei aims to develop result oriented programs for investing in education, ensuring that a community is willing and able in the longer term to continue to invest their own resources in the education of their children.


• Kamitei starts pilot food program in selected communities
• Eagle Scholarship student Winnie receives government funded scholarship for top public school

Kamitei - Winnie

• Kamitei Eagle Scholarship selection yields another five outstanding students
• Class room renovation completed in Juhudi

Kamitei - classroom renovations


• to provide their development aid in the most effective and efficient manner possible
• to achieve empowerment of the local people they work with and avoid aid dependency
• to work within and respect the existing government and community structures
• to achieve tangible results that can be measured and evaluated

Support Kamitei

If you also wish to donate, you can always find more information here

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