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Bidding advice

The road to successful bidding

It’s sometimes difficult to decide how much to bid. You want to outbid other bidders and make a good deal. But what is the right amount to bid?

For many vehicles we can provide an estimation of what would be a good price in the eyes of the seller. Especially for the most popular makes and models. After all, we watch cars being auctioned day in, day out. And we are all too happy to give an estimate to help you out.You can find the estimated price on the vehicle detail page, near the bid button.

Off course, it’s then still up to the seller to accept your bid. But this little push in the right direction may significantly improve your chances of assignment.

Guaranteed assignment

But if you want to avoid the uncertainty, there are some special auctions you can keep an eye out for.

  • 100% assignment: If your bid is high enough to win an auction, it’s high enough for the seller too. They will assign the vehicle to you after the auction concludes.
  • Buy Now auctions: You can avoid the whole bidding process by being the first to enter the Buy Now price. The vehicle will be assigned to you when the auction concludes.
  • Target auctions: If your winning bid is at least as high as the target price, you’ll be assigned the vehicle at the end of the auction.
  • x-Time auctions: Worried about auction snipers? They’re the people who wait until the last moment to suddenly out-bid you. No need, because during x-Time you will get your chance to put your best bid in.

Learn how to efficiently place and manage your bids

In the movie below, we show you how to place and manage bids from the "My Bids" application. You find out about all the advantages of placing bids from here.


Learn more about the different types of auctions and how to bid on our website. Still have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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