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Meet our happy customers

Everyone at CarsOnTheWeb is proud of how we meet the needs of our clients. But we are even prouder of the kind words our happy customers say about us. It shows they appreciate the efforts we make. And makes us even more determined to keep them smiling by offering the very best customer service possible.

Please understand that as we serve customers from across Europe in their native languages. We have translated their testimonials into English for your convenience. Any questions or problems? Get in touch!

testimonial 1

This Latvian car trader has bought over 33 cars via our website. He says, " I like the website. My contact person explained very well how MyCOTW works." 

testimonial 2

This Latvian car trader has bought over 104 cars via our website. He says, "I use the CarsOnTheWeb website to buy mainly MPVs."

testimonial 5

This Romanian car trader has bought over 36 cars. He says, "Eventhough I don't get all cars assigned that I place the highest bid on, I really like the website and the company. You have a great offer."

testimonial 4

This Palestinian car trader visited our offices in Belgium recently to meet with our Customer Service Team Leader and our Sales Manager to talk about our cooperation. He says, "I like CarsOnTheWeb, it's a very professional company."


Hugo Automobile from Germany bought over 86 used cars. He says, "We are very satisfied with CarsOnTheWeb's personal service. We like buying cars from you."

  • I'm really impressed by the wide range of cars. It’s always changing. 

    – Peter from Belgium

  • At first I had my doubts. I wanted to physically see the car. But now I know I can rely on the published damage reports and car descriptions. 

    – Martin from Czech Republic

  • I love the straightforward car purchase procedure. I just hope my competitors don’t find out about it! 

    – Katarzyna from Poland

  • The cars always have correct mileage. The descriptions are very detailed and precise. Thank you.

    – Marek from Estonia

  • Reliable and accurate service. Would you be able to include more pictures and bigger pictures?

    – Janis from Latvia

  • A very professional platform. Would you be able to include damaged cars and maybe even motor cycles too? 

    – Ouhabi from France

  • Good cars at good prices. 

    – Jozef from Slovakia

  • Nice range of very good quality cars. 

    – Emir from Slovenia

  • I like the large selection of vehicles and the friendly service. I have to thank my contact person Silvia for her incredible patience. 

    – Tomasz from Poland

  • The cars are very technically reliable. They are obviously inspected very carefully to make sure no one is tricked.

    – Mihi from Romania