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Closing days

March & April 2017

Please always check the regular opening hours of the pick-up location. They are mentioned on your PuA.

 Date:  Head office Tienen  Pickup locations  Comments
 17/04/2017  Closed   Closed  
 Date:  Office France  Pickup locations  Comments
 17/04/2017  Closed  Closed
 Date:  Office Germany  Pickup locations  Comments
 14/04/2017  Closed  Closed   
 27/04/2017  Closed  Closed  
 Date:  Office Italy  Pickup locations  Comments
 17/04/2017  Closed
 25/04/2017  Closed  Closed
 Date:  Office Netherlands  Pickup locations  Raamsdonksveer  Comments
 17/04/2017  Closed  Closed 
 27/04/2017  Closed  Closed   
 CarsOnTheWeb hubs
 Date:  Location hub
 Pickup locations  Comments
 CarsOnTheWeb transport
 Date:  Destination
 Transport  Comments

If you want more information about the closing days, please contact our customer service team

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