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You want to know everything will be okay when you purchase a vehicle on the internet. Which is why CarsOnTheWeb publish detailed descriptions of every vehicle on our site. And it’s why you have access to customer service representatives. They speak plenty of different languages, have information on how to bid and arrange transport services. But where does this leave the paperwork? You need to complete certain documents for the transfer of ownership, the pickup, the transport and the export of a vehicle. Does it sound like a headache? We’ll make sure it isn’t. We help and assist you at every step of the process.

You have an overview of all your purchases and the associated paperwork in your MyCOTW account. It all works in a very straightforward manner. Win an auction? Confirm the vehicle. You’ll then receive an order form that lets you pay for it. Your invoice is available after that. When your vehicle is ready for collection, you’ll be sent the vitally important Pickup Authorisation form (PuA). On request we will also provide the CoD. Click here to read the full pickup procedure.

You’ll find a complete history of all your purchased vehicles and all the related documents in your MyCOTW account.

Import/Export experts


CarsOnTheWeb has been selling vehicles internationally for more than ten years. You can rely on us for encyclopaedic knowledge of the documents you need to import a vehicle. They differ depending on where you are. Additional fees are charged to cover the cost of obtaining these documents.

1)   Importing from an EU country into a non EU country

a.   EX document
You need an EX document to export a vehicle outside the EU. CarsOnTheWeb will send you an EX document for a fee of €100, if the vehicle originated in an EU country. We also require a security deposit of 21% for all vehicles exported outside the EU, which will be refunded in full after we have received the correctly filled out CMR from you, and the exit confirmation document from the customs office.

b.   EUR.1 (optional)
On your request, we should be able to provide an EUR.1 for the selected makes and origins mentioned below even though the EUR.1 is not a mandatory document for export from an EU to a non EU country.

Make Model Country of origin Available within ...


All except for: Berlingo, C4 Aircross, C-crosser, Nemo

All EU countries

1 week


All except for: 4008, Bipper, Boxer, Partner

All EU countries

1 week

Please note: The EUR.1 certificate costs €50. If it is not available, you are not entitled to compensation or allowed to cancel your purchase (even if it is for a model mentioned in the above table). It is not an obligatory certificate. Also note that it’s not possible to obtain a certificate of origin if the car is more than eight years old.

2)   Importing from a non EU country into an EU country






Vehicles from EU are exported to a country outside the EU
(example: Belgian car is exported to Serbia)

EX: € 100

Mandatory document, always provided by COTW

EUR.1: € 50

Optional document, provided by COTW if the make and model is mentioned in the table above.


Vehicles from EU are sold to another EU country
(example: Belgian car is sold to Romania)

No fee

No export documents required.

1 week

1 wee


Do you have any questions? We are here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  • I especially like the objectivity with which the vehicles and possible damages are reported. Adrian M. car trader from Romania
  • We particularly appreciate the transparent procedures, short turnaround and fair bids. Thanks to the extensive buyer network, vehicles are sold without fuss for the best price. That saves BESIX both time and money. Private fleet owner from Belgium
  • The comfort of not having to travel to the place where the vehicle is located, knowing that you can check the status and documentations of the vehicle upfront. Victor G. car trader from Spain
  • We’ve found CarsOnTheWeb to be a professional and flexible partner, who takes concerns out of our hands and acts quickly and reliably. That leaves the agency with time left for its core tasks, and auctions its vehicles with more profit and greater peace of mind. Public fleet owner from Belgium
  • CarsOnTheWeb has a very good commercial service: they always try to find solutions when a problem occurs. Mohamed E. car trader from Belgium
  • Colas is enthusiastic about the service, speed, and ethical procedure. In addition, the very flexible Account managers give the online platform a human touch. Private fleet owner from Belgium
  • The website is easy to use and the information about the cars is good and clear. Johann S. car trader from Germany
  • With CarsOnTheWeb Germany we have found a trustworthy and strong partner, which results in a quick handling. This enables us to realize our vehicle sales faster and better. Private fleet owner from Germany
  • I like the accuracy of the information and the fact that there are no intermediaries. Valentin R. car trader from Romania

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