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Transport & Logistics

Delivered to your door

Delivered at your doorstep

Finding the right vehicle
and bidding in an auction are just the tip of the iceberg. When you purchase a car, there’s a lot more to take into consideration. You need to have the right documents, pay the appropriate taxes and of course, you need to get it to your parking lot. CarsOnTheWeb are here to help. Our transport service will make sure your vehicles make their way home quickly and conveniently.

A transport quote in one click

We offer you different transport options to plenty of destinations. Just click on the Transport options button on the detail page of the vehicle you’re interested in. The system will automatically show the different transport options for your address. With prices and estimated lead times included.

This service is available for almost every vehicle we offer. And it covers a huge range of destinations. If you want to transport a damaged vehicle, or if we don’t yet arrange transport to your area, please feel free to contact customer service. They will soon have a quote ready for you.

Ordering transport the easy way

1. Check transport availability while bidding
Log in and check "Transport options" on the car detail page to see the estimated delivery times and prices. The transport fees displayed on our website are based on the physical location, the type and damage degree of the vehicle. 

2.   Check if Service pack is available
When the vehicle has been assigned, log in to 'MyCOTW" and confirm the vehicle. Go to the "To be confirmed" tab. Click "Confirm" and choose "Next" until you reach step 3 "Transportation". Here you can check the availability of Service pack. If i'ts available for the specific vehicle/country, you will see a checkbox mentioning that you can benefit from Service pack. 

Service pack is currently available for: Romania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, France, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Spain, Croatia and Slovenia. 

3.   Choose transport option 
Choose your transport option. The final transport price and estimated lead time is immediately shown. 

When ordering transport by CarsOnTheWeb, you can choose to pick up the car at the local HUB, or you can order transport to your offices. 

Note: A Pick-up fee of €25 will be charged to customers who choose to organize transport themselves, to cover the costs for handling and administration. 

4.   The vehicle is ready for Pickup 
The vehicle is ready for pickup when: 
   • The vehicle is paid by the buyer 
   • The vehicle is released by the seller
   • The vehicle is brought to the HUB (if applicable) 
   • The Pick up Authorization is ready in "MyCOTW" 

Note: For customers who order transport at CarsOnTheWeb, lead times start running when the above-mentioned criteria are met. 


Do you have any questions? We are here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us.


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